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How to Change Your Husband

How to Change Your Husband

Insurance is purchased for protection. This book is marriage insurance.

The destruction of marriage is the world’s downfall. A multitude of sin has fruited from the devastating effects of divorce or even bad marriages. Nothing upon the earth, no armaments, chemicals, or dictator compares to the horrific damage upon man that has come through divorce and bad marriages.

God did not say He hates armaments or nations, but He did say in Malachi 2:16, “For I hate divorce, says the Lord, the God of Israel." Insure your marriage.

If yet to be married, learn how to insure your future marriage. If divorced, read How to Change Your Husband, learn what went wrong, and tell others to insure their marriages. In this way, find peace for yourselves.

A book that many have testified reading five, six, ten times or more. A must-have gift for everyone, no matter what state in life they are called.